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Helping You Get More For Your Real Estate

$100.00 for exterior only

$350.00 for a space up to 3000 sq ft

$400.00 for a space up to 4000 sq ft

$450.00 for a space up to 5000 sq ft

Larger spaces price will be determined based on job

Minor retouching for "main"exterior shot is included (repairing lawns, removal of "for sale" sign, repair sidewalk, enhance color)


$150+ for aerial photography

$150 for exterior twilights plus $50 to add select interiors

$135 for virtual tour slideshow with music

$10+ removing cords, wires, furniture, garbage cans, etc. per shot 

$25+ major retouching per shot (removing a car, adding trees & shrubs, etc)

Payment is due at the time of the shoot.  24 hour cancelation required or a $100 cancelation fee will incur.

All photography is copyrighted by Jason Harlem.  The prices are for the sole usage of the client (typically the listing agent for the original sale) as specified in the job request to be reproduced in the MLS, listing websites, brochures, flyers and local publications. Advertising usage such as national magazines, billboards, TV, and other usage may incur additional charges. It is not permissible to share images with vendors, contractors, stagers, etc. without additional fees.      

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